Flowers photographed at the Grand Palace in Bangkok - Bangkok Thailand is filled with flowers you must bring a camera - naturally I suggest a digital camera - I use a Nikon Coolpix 5400 with a FC-E9 lens to photograph the Virtual Tours on this website - click on Virtual Tours to enjoy immersive views from Beautiful  Thailand - the website about Thai in Southern California
The Virtual Tour Thai website - click on Panoramas to see virtual tours from Thailand - Bangkok and many of the cities all over Thailand
3D Virtual tours of Thailand - We have photographed over 100 virtual tours available in JAVA and QTVR for you to enjoy  - Click on Virtual Tours  for Virtual Tours from Thailand  or click on Find Restaurant to locate a restaurant near you many restaurants also have a link for a virtual tour so you can see the interior before visiting the restaurant


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Just added 8 more panoramas from my Thailand trip CLICK to see them all

Wondering just HOW hot it is in Thailand right now...
Use this calculator to find out, just type a temperature in the appropiate box and click outside the box.




Gallery of Virtual Tour Panoramas from Thailand


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