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Books about Thailand

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Ancient Capitals of Thailand

'Ancient Captials of Thailand' describes the old important cities and captials of Southern Thailand. These include Sukothai, Ayuthaya, Kampeng and several other cities. The book is beautifully illustrated with more than 350 photographs. It also provides site maps and descriptions of the different places and the major temples and structures. Thus, it's not just a 'picture book", but I can recommend this book both for content and quality of the pictures. The book does not cover the cities of the Northern Kingdoms (e.g., Lanna), this is supposed to be the topic of another book.

Hardcover - 366 pages (January 2001)
River Books; ISBN: 9748225003 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.25 x 10.97 x 11.29


Buddha in the Landscape
A sacred expression of Thailand

Photos Capture the Majesty of Thai Statues of the Buddha

In all regions of Thailand-the rugged, forested hills of the north, the emerald paddy fields of the central pains, the tropical islands and plantations of the south-monumental, exquisitely rendered statues of Buddha preside. And in the pages of the new book Buddha in the Landscape from Pomegranate, photographer Mark Standen puts viewers in the presence of these exceptional Buddhas. Standen takes readers to cities where "The Enlightened One" towers over the skyline as well as to remote places where the Buddha watches over the rhythms of agrarian life from a natural throne above the fields. No other country in the world offers the wealth and variety of statues of the Buddha found in Thailand. Buddha in the Landscape is the first book to present a select portfolio of these exceptional images.Standen artfully pictures the Buddhas in their many manifestations-executed in brilliant white with gold headdresses, tiled from top to bottom with small taupe-colored tiles; standing, seated, or laying down; demonstrating various mudras (symbolic gestures). Through superb color photographs and insightful text, this book offers a unique window into the enduring faith of the Thai people and the natural beauty of their country. In addition, it gives background on the Buddhist religion, Buddhism in Thailand, and on how these religious statues are created.

Hardcover - 280 pages 1 edition (February 1, 1999)
Pomegranate; ISBN: 0764907700 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.25 x 10.14 x 11.39


THAILAND land of beautiful Women

For several years, Thai women have been well on their way to becoming international celebrities. The cheerful attitude, the graceful movement, the charming smile, the gentle nature, the lovely figure, the total lack of self-pity. All this and more seems to have combined into a Siamese bewitchment captivating men of almost every nationality. For many, the mention of Thai women conjures up the stereotype of unbridled sensuality in the lush Tropics. But in pictures and in text, Thailand: Land of Beautiful Women attempts to delve deeper into the reasons for their phenomenal popularity.

The author concludes that, from classical dancers to construction workers, from go-go dancers to rice farmers, their charm is far more than merely physical. Thai cultural values and the teachings of the Buddhist religion have endowed the women of Thailand with confidence, grace and intelligence.
Their attraction involves a vivaciousness, a well-developed sense of humor, and, perhaps, above all, the intelligence to deal with life’s problems while maintaining an almost childlike ability to delight in living. In other words, an attitude toward life which understands that life is meant to be enjoyed.

Paperback - 160 pages (August 2001)
Village East Book; ISBN: 0966189930 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.47 x 10.25 x 7.55

History and Art  | Travel Litterature  | Thai Cooking  | Learning Thai


Thai-English & English Thai
Dictionary and Phrasebook

A nice, simple phrasebook..., June 25, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from USA

After reading through this phrasebook, I've but two main observations. First is the positive. The tone markers are incredibly easy to understand, in fact, it is the best system I've seen so far. My only complaint is that there is absolutely no Thai scrpit in the book at all. So if you are having trouble pronouncing the word, your Thai friend/companion/etc. cannot simply read the Thai script and help you out. Other than that this is a nice phrasebook which has come in handy when I've used it in conjunction with other Thai language-learning materials.

Paperback - 197 pages (September 1999)
Hippocrene Books; ISBN: 0781807743 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.54 x 6.96 x 3.75


Thai for beginners

Designed for either self-study or classroom use. Teaches all four language skills speaking, listening (when used in conjunction with the cassette tapes), reading and writing . Offers clear, easy, step-by-step instruction, building on what has beenpreviously learned. Used by many Thai temples in America.

About the Author
Benjawan Poomsan Becker was born in Bangkok and spent her childhood in Yasothon, a small town in Northeast Thailand. Her parents are ethic Laotians so she grew up speaking both Thai and Lao. She graduated from Khon Kaen University in Thailand in 1990, with an honored B.A. degree in English.

Paperback - 262 pages (April 1, 1995)
Paiboon Publishing; ISBN: 1887521003

Did you know that Thai for beginners is also available as tapes you can play in your car? Click on the tapes link or purchase both book and takes together.


Thai for lovers

Thai for Lovers is the ideal language guide to romance in the Land of Smiles- Thailand! There are useful words, sentences and expressions with the Thai translations throughout the book. You won't find any Thai language book as fun and user-friendly! There are nine chapters: Greetings, General Conversation, Courting, Romantic Conversation, Making Love, Love Letters, Getting Married, Breaking Up and Night Life & Slang. RATED R!

About the Authors: Nit and Jack Ajee are married and live in California, USA. Nit is a Thai woman raised in the Northeast of Thailand. Jack is originally from Seattle, USA. They both have experience teaching Thai and English to foreigners. They have socialized and had business dealings with many other interracial couples which include a Thai partner. The resulting questions and discussions about Thai romantic culture were the inspiration for them to write Thai for Lovers.

Paperback - 190 pages (December 21, 1999)

Paiboon Publishing; ISBN: 1887521046

History and Art  | Travel Litterature  | Thai Cooking  | Learning Thai


Birds of Thailand
a photographic guide for bird lovers

Michele-Marie von Bergen from Mountain City,TN

This is a well done pocket size photografic book on the birds of Thailand.The pictures are very good.It also is has some good information besides just being a picture book.It is a great book for the money.

Paperback - 144 pages (June 1999)

Chelsea Green Pub Co; ISBN: 0883590417 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.47 x 7.49 x 3.83

History and Art  | Travel Litterature  | Thai Cooking  | Learning Thai


It's raining Fishes
Cook Book

From Book News, Inc.

The recipes are only part of the fun in this compendium of information about the land, people, and culinary traditions of Thailand. Ingredients are thoroughly described (good news: coconut milk is not necessarily a no-no for cholesterol watchers; chili peppers are great for you). Recipes include lots of notes and variations. Colorful watercolor illustrations enhance the feeling of travel and discovery. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

One reader from Los Angeles, CA Writes:
The prose in this book is so charming, and so well written. Kasma's stories of her youth sometimes almost brought a tear to my eye!
More cookbooks should contain the cultural essays and autobiographical information that Kasma uses to explain why she loves the recipes shes shares with the reader.

Paperback - 224 pages (July 1995)
Pomegranate; ISBN: 0876543565 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.76 x 11.12 x 8.57

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