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It was with conviction I turned unto the California offramp from the interstate 10 in Redlands California. On the invitation of pastor Somchai Piromgraipakd, I was visiting their Thai Christian church. I was pretty positive that I knew what this was all about. Some little storefront church hidden away in a strip-mall somewhere, next to a seven-eleven and a Laundromat.

So it is easy to imaging my surprise when driving up Jew Jersey st, and the first sign of the church was a huge white sign announcing "Thai Christian Church". My illusion was even more rocked when I turned into the parking lot and instead of a Laundromat, was facing a beautiful modern church, with all the trimings

I was met by associate pastor Sunny Wilamart, who showed me around and told me about the church's vision, for bringing the Christian message to the large number of Thai nationals, living in California and America today. In particular he feel a strong need to reach out a helping hand to the many undocumented immigrants, who often live and work under terrible conditions.

Associate pastor Sunny Wilamart

"We have not always been able to do this" says pastor Somchai, as he explains the church's history to me. The early roots was created already back in the early seventies, when pastor Somchai arrived in the United States, and God made it clear to him that he was to work for Him in the future. Soon there after a pastor at the church he was attending suggested that maybe it was a good idea to create a Thai Church in the future. This idea floated around in his head for years as things started to develop.

Pastor Somchai Piromgraipakd

In 1980 they finally was a group of people large enough to think of them selves as a church, and in 1986 they were officially recognized by the Sevent-Day Adventist Church Head Quarters as a official church. Today the congregation live in a beautiful new church which they started building in 1996 on a location they moved to in 1990.

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Virtual Tour of the Sanctuary


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